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Clear Fork Valley Local Schools Communication


Required Elements of Local Schools Plans includes:

Universal and Correct Wearing of Masks
In that Policy EBEA Face Coverings to Reduce the Spread of COVID-19 has become
obsolete due to the lifting of all health orders by the Ohio Department of Health and
Governor DeWine on June 2, 2021, the Clear Fork Valley Schools shall encourage any
unvaccinated students, staff, visitors and community members or those with elevated
health risks to wear a face covering/mask while on school property as recommended by
the CDC.

It is no longer a requirement to wear a face covering/mask to attend in-person school,
when riding transportation, attend athletic/musical events or other school sponsored
activities at Clear Fork Valley Schools.

Clear Fork Valley Schools will follow the Ohio Department of Health and Richland Public
Health guidelines and recommendations. Therefore, this plan is subject to change at
anytime, which may include, but not limited any future mandates / guidelines /
recommendations issues by either public health entity or state / federal government.

Physical Distancing
Clear Fork Valley Schools will make every effort to maintain three (3) feet of social
distancing when practical in classrooms, cafeterias, on playgrounds, transportation and
all other areas. It is understood six (6) feet of social distancing is best practice for
unvaccinated persons, but not all areas or activities will allow for a six (6) foot distance
between people.

Hand Washing and Respiratory Etiquette
Regular hand washing or the use of hand sanitizer is encouraged for everyone. Both
options will be made available to students, staff, parents, visitors, and community
members at Clear Fork Valley Schools. Schools may require student, staff or visitors to
wash hands or use hand sanitizer upon arrival; at various times during the day;
before/after recess; before/after lunch; and prior/during/after other events before or after
school. Regardless of the pandemic good hygiene is important for everyone. Hygiene
helps to reduce various types of viruses.

Cleaning and maintaining healthy facilities, including improving ventilation
Clear Fork Valley Schools will implement cleaning and disinfecting of common areas
multiple times daily focusing on frequently touched surfaces in all facilities and
transportation. All cleaning products will be used in accordance to manufacturer’s
instructions and approved for use in a school setting.

Clear Fork Valley Schools heating and cooling systems are regularly inspected and have
met air-handling standards. Classrooms without air-conditioning will have windows open,
as appropriate for the weather or season.

All of our buildings have been fitted with touchless water fountains and bottle fillers
during the summer of 2020.


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