Clear Fork Valley Local Schools
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Welcome to Remote Learning!

Eric Cunningham



Mr. Cunningham Zoom – 498 883 5386 PW: Reading (with a capital R)


Mr. Dannemiller Zoom – 931 175 8024 PW: math


DAY 9:00 AM 10:30 AM 12:00 PM
Monday Reading Math Music/Art
Tuesday Reading Math Science
Wednesday Reading Math Science
Thursday Reading Math Social Studies
Friday Reading Math Social Studies




Just like in class school, we will be giving assignments that need to be turned in regularly. We understand that not everyone is on the same schedule, but we do expect that students will be able to complete the work on the day it is assigned. All assignments will be posted by the end of the class time on any given day following the final class. It is important students try their best to keep on track.




Zoom: This will be our primary source for holding class. Students will be expected, but not required to log into our live Zoom classroom at the times above. If you cannot make it on a given day, these sessions will be recorded so that you can watch them as a video later. These videos will be posted in Google Classroom.

ACCESS: There is an app on the chromebooks that students can click on and access. If you are not on the chromebook, access this through


Google Classroom: This is our communication HUB while not having active class. All announcements, assignments, instructions, and communication to students directly will come through Google Classroom. Please keep an eye on the stream or click on the “Classwork” tab to find assignments. Students are connected to all of their classes here including Art, Music, and Gym.

ACCESS: There is an app on the chromebooks that students can click on and access. If you are not on the chromebook, access this through

Mr. Cunningham’s Google Classroom code is CGYN6OI (o, not zero)

Mr. Dannemiller’s Google Classroom code is JOEBG7E (o, not zero)

MobyMax: We will frequently use MobyMax to help students practice and catch up on skills. Assignments will be posted inside of MobyMax, but they will also be linked on Google Classroom. You can click on the three books icon to see the day’s assignments. There should be a red number bubble if you still have something to complete.

ACCESS: The website for to access MobyMax is

Renaissance Place: This is your home for AR testing. This will be something you need to work on monthly to achieve your AR Goal.

ACCESS: The website for Renaissance Place is

Xtramath: This is your math fact checking station. Log in here to do your daily practice.

ACCESS: The website for Xtramath is

Additional Sites: We may or may not need to add additional sites throughout remote learning, but they will all be mentioned in the Zoom classes/videos and posted on Google Classroom.